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Assessment Service


  1. Online Assessments

Our established aptitude diagnostics tools are an integral part of our own recruitment process. We use online assessments to systematically determine candidates’ working methods, strengths and potential and compare these with your list of requirements. The results of the online assessment are part of our written candidate report.

You can also use our assessment system within your own company. Requiring minimal time from candidates or employees, our online assessments can be a valuable digital support tool ideal for the following applications:

  1. Evaluate Candidates

Do you have vacancies that you fill yourself and for which you receive a large number of applications? We help you by using our established online assessments as part of your recruitment process. You will receive extensive information about your candidates’ characteristics, strengths, motivation, working methods and values before you even sit down for a one-on-one interview. This helps you delve into deeper issues quickly so you can follow-up in a targeted manner.

  1. Recognise Potential

Internal recruitment and strategic employee development are important for keeping top talent in the company. Very often, the best employee does not automatically make the best future manager. But how can you measure leadership potential? Our online assessments offer you insight into your employees’ potential leadership attributes. What are their preferences and strengths in terms of delegation, decision-making, cooperation, strategy, etc.? Our aptitude diagnostics help you identify potential for development at an early stage to help you take your employees to the next level through strategic employee development.

  1. Develop Successful Teams

Some teams work well together, others less so. But it’s not always clear why. Our online assessments provide you with valuable information on individual team members’ strengths, working methods and values. Our analysis shows you individual optimisation potential and that of the team as a whole. Recognising different approaches and work preferences leads to greater mutual understanding, making it the perfect first step towards team development. This can result in new rules for collaboration or a change in the distribution of tasks. Better still, the team itself can identify and implement these new rules and changes. In our experience, this is the best guarantee for long-term team success.

  1. Gauge the Mood

Employee surveys are incredibly valuable yet also overly complex. Our online assessments allow you to create a comprehensive mood barometer (including anonymously) and are simple and easy to use: What really matters to your employees? What aspects are your employees satisfied with? Where is there any dissatisfaction? Does the mood vary from one department to another? What is the overall level of motivation?

You can use this information to derive targeted measures to boost employee satisfaction and motivation as a result. This helps you foster employee loyalty so you can keep valuable resources within your company while at the same time strengthening your image as a top employer.

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